Mag ik alsjeblieft weer op moviestraplanet ik zou het nooit meeer doen plzz en?

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Mag ik alsjeblieft weer op moviestraplanet ik zou het nooit meeer doen plzz en?. Do You mate has that kind of problem?, If do then plz found the good feedback right after this line:

Wsant ik ben nu vip daarom plzz


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Wi-Fi passwords help maintain a level of browsing privacy and keep strangers or neighbors from stealing your bandwidth.

If you aren`t in charge of your network, or rarely add new devices to it, you might forget what security key you picked. Retrieving this can be easy if you can access the admin panel of the router, but this isn`t always an option– like when you aren`t in charge of the network, or you forgot that password too. Fortunately there`s an easy-to-use program that can retrieve the security information for networks saved on your computer. Just follow these three easy steps here: .

Marjhone Casas

Your going to have to change it again, when you say you forgot your password on fb they will send you a link to make a new one. There is no way to get the last password you made back, you will just have to change it again sorry.


Well if you have the email to the account you can just simply click forgot password and Facebook will send you an email so that you can change your password to you account wish you luck.


Ik heb een locknummer gekregen op msp en kan nie meer inloggen ik weet nie hoe je het moet oplossen met het locknummer ik wil echt weer met msp mee doen ik voel me echt spijtig ?!?!


Hi, you can ask help to your relatives to help you & you can work while you`re studying you so you can sustain your needs.


Mag ik vip worde ik ben 10 jaar
en al mijn vrienden zijn vip behalve ik.


Ik ben nog nooit vip geweest en wil het heel graag mag het gratis.