Malalite xl is goog for whiting underarms?

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Malalite xl is goog for whiting underarms?. Are You mam has that kind of query?, If yes then please check the good tips below:\r\n

My underarms and thigh is too dark.plz give me solution.


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Lemon juice is the most affordable solution for this problem. Apply lemon juice after each and every bath and you will see results for as early as two weeks! Another is that avoid wearing tight and constricted jeans. I might irritate your skin and as a result, dark bikini area.


Try shaving your armpits at least Once a wk. also u might want to switch upthe deodorant and soap. They may be a lil to harsh for u. Something gentle like dove products. If that does work consult a doc to see if its an irriation from a product that u have or is currently using.


Usually you can wear special deodorants and colon, but if those aren`t available you can wear an undershirt which prevents the look, you could get sweat-resistant material too. wear loose fitting clothing, there is also medical pills if you are that desperate.


You can use the cream availabe in the market by consulting with the skin doctors and or you can use home remedy products to make your under arm or by searching on youutbe how to whiten your under arm. Thankyou!


You need to scrub on it thoroughly using the cleanser twice a day and after that rub on it a calamnsi juice.


I suggest that you use it. It is very good, I have tried it for myself and it does the job ?


Wash your under arm thoroughly while bathing before and after your daily activities.


Try to look at Pinterest … I always find everything on there.