Manage Your iTunes Library with a Remote Program

By On Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Both the Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone devices are indeed created to be versatile enough in terms of functionality and purpose. Along with the embedded programs, either of these contrivances has even maximized its performance level to the extent of controlling the Apple TV and iTunes library remotely. Such remote controlling functionality is made promising with certain program called Remote. How will you manage your iTunes library with a Remote Program then?

In order to fully understand the concept of this Remote application for iPhone and iPod Touch, consider the following information provided in this piece.

What is a Remote application?

By definition, Remote is a kind of program patented by Apple Company. It belongs to the FREE iPhone/iPod App taxonomy. Anyone can get this kind of program from the App Store.

A Remote application is specifically intended to make either the iPod Touch or iPhone device able to control the iTunes library and the Apple TV, remotely. In short, either of the Apple’s portable devices is utilized as a remote control.

How to Utilize the Remote Program in your iPhone or iPod?

Before you can fully utilize the Remote application, you need to secure a computer installed with iTunes, preferably version 7.7 or higher. The computer has to be connected to a Wifi network.

For Apple TV, you need to seize software in version 2.1 or higher. Additionally, do not forget to ready your any of the portable devices as such the iPod Touch, iPhone 3G or iPhone 1st generation running an iPhone software version 2.0. The Remote program should also be installed on your phone or iPod Touch.

Once you have gotten everything all set, you are now ready to control iTunes library remotely.

Here is what you have it done:

1. Start downloading the Remote app from the App Store. You can do this thru over the air download or via desktop. If you opt the first downloading option (thru desktop), install the Remote program on the phone.

2. Use the same wireless network to connect either iPod Touch or iPhone device into. It should be the network where the Apple TV or computer is linked to.

3. In the iPhone screen, search for the Remote icon and tap on it. After doing so, you will be prompted with a four-digit passcode. Be sure to know your passcode.

4. Look for the system tray. On the left corner of the iTunes library, your phone will show up as a device. Once you have it located, click on it.

5. You will be ask to enter a four-digit passcode from your iPhone or iPod screen. After you have provided the right passcode, you will be routed to the iTunes and then both the gadgets will sync.

6. You will be prompted with a screen containing the files on your iTunes archive, all stored in the computer too. Browse for any file you wanted.

7. In order to choose the file you want to play, utilize the onscreen menus. All the icons appearing beneath the screen can also be customized according to your own preference.

That is how you can manage your iTunes library with a Remote program in either the iPhone or iPod Touch gadget you seize.