Math Tables Karaoke App Review

By On Sunday, February 11th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Math Tables Karaoke App Review. Math Tables Karaoke a math tables iPhone app developed by Rega Interactive. Math Karaoke is an interactive app developed for kids to easily understand the math tables. The app is build with a simple interface with cool features – Learn, Karaoke and Quiz. Each of the three features does its own part in making learning so fun. The developers are keen enough in the development of Math Tables Karaoke app for iphone, ipod touch or ipad to make it little easy and simple to understand.

Math Tables Karaoke iPhone App has three simple mode to learn tables. Learn, karaoke and Quiz. So let me talk about these three modes in detail.

Learn: Learn mode has a multiplication tables from 1 to 10 that are displayed with one table at a time. The multiplication tables has build in voice to teach the multiplication tables in a simple and understandable way. The voice clarity is decent and it also gives time to the kids to read along the tables slowly. If your Kid hasn’t memorized the tables, you can replay the tables any number of time until your kid learns it.

Karaoke: Another cool feature that allows learning by recording and playback your voice for the multiplication table that you found on the Learn mode. Using this option parents can record their voice for the multiplication table, that will be heard when their kid listen to the tables from the learn mode. It a just another way of making your kid read the tables.

Ouiz: Quiz mode has three level of difficulty for the Beginner, Intermediate and Experts. Choosing any one levels takes you to the multiplication game. Unlike the other quiz, Math Tables Karaoke has an interactive quiz for the kids. The each level of quiz has 60 sec of play and within this 60 sec of play based upon the correct attempts, the app provides a scorecard.

A worth buying app to make your kid learn math tables in a fun way. Math Tables Karaoke looks simple and stand firm to offer an interactive way of learning multiplication tables.

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