MaxJournal Crash and Fix

By On Friday, April 27th, 2018 Categories : iPad

The iPad is one of the handiest and most convenient gadgets of all time. Ipad users usually take their iPads everywhere, at work, while traveling, even to the gym. They seldom leave it at home. With this, there is an understandable need to take down notes with your iPad as well. This need is answered by the app, MaxJournal. It is as convenient as the iPad, the MaxJournal makes diary-keeping, and note-taking really classy and easy at the same time. This app makes it easy to take down notes and diary entries.

MaxJournal Features

This app has a lot of features. First off, it allows you to keep multiple journals. MaxJournal is the place to keep your personal diary, your travel journal, your inspiration journal, and more! It has a really neat layout, which clearly gives much respect to your written work. There’s a calendar view which allows you to take a peek on all of your entries. When it comes to individual entries, the page becomes really neat, without elements distracting from your writing. You can also keep a photo scrapbook through MaxJournal. As well as include up to 30 photos on each of your entries. If you still have other pictures that are connected with your entry, then no problem. There is still space to keep them, though they’re not embedded inside the post anymore.

Finally it is offered in different languages, so whichever country you belong to, you’re welcome to write with MaxJournal. So, if MaxJournal is almost perfect with all of its writing-friendly features, what seems to be the problem?

MaxJournal Crash and Fix


Apparently, the update of the iPad did not jive with MaxJournal. The new features of the iPad iOS update has burdened the memory of the iPad a lot, which ate up a lot of memory even those that were reserved for MaxJournal before the update. This in turn caused devastating crashes that lead to the erasures of journals, and leaving the app unusable.

This crash problem took months for the MaxJournal team to fix, and of course this was very unacceptable, especially when their app deals with personal, and important memories. Fortunately, the team has already released the update that is expected to fix the crashes. For a lot of users, the app just freezes and when this happens just a soft reset or a hard reset do the trick. If you have already downloaded this app, and your dealing with the similar problem, then why not try these two resets? Maybe these are enough to solve your problem, regardless of downloading the update or not.

To soft reset your iPad, you just have to hold down the Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds or so. The “slide to power off” prompt will appear. Do what it says, and your iPad is going to shut down performing a soft reset. To turn on your iPad again, just hold on to the same button again with the same duration, and your iPad will come back to life. Check your MaxJournal app. The team says that your journals are not really erased, they’re still there. So if your problem is the disappearing journals, and you don’t see them yet, let’s proceed to performing the hard reset. To do this, just hold the same button a while ago, the Sleep/Wake button, but together with the Home button. Hold these buttons for a few seconds until the Apple logo goes off and on again. This could take a couple of seconds longer compared to the soft reset. When it turns on, the app should be okay already. If it’s still not functioning properly, then proceed with the update, and if the update still did not do the trick, now is probably the best time to contact MaxJournal. Good luck!