Meri fb ka password bhul gai hu or gmail ka bhe yad nhi hfb id password?

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Meri fb ka password bhul gai hu or gmail ka bhe yad nhi hfb id password?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of question?, If yes then please check the best solution below:\r\n

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Hi. Ili kwa upya gmail yako wamesahau password, unaweza kutembelea Mara wewe ni juu ya click tovuti “Huwezi kufikia akaunti yangu” na basi utakuwa itaelekezwa kwa ukurasa. Chagua chaguo “I forgot password yangu” na kisha jaza oyur anuani ya barua pepe juu ya sanduku. Moja kwa moja baada ya kufanya hivyo, kutakuwa na usalama maswali kwamba utakuwa rquired kujibu kwa wao kuthibitisha thta wewe ni mmiliki wa akaunti hiyo. Mara yako majibu yote ni sahihi, basi unaweza kuweka upya passord yako na kuweza kupata akaunti yako ya Gmail….

Hi. In order for you to reset your forgotten gmail password, you may visit Once you are on the site click “Can`t access my account” and you will then be redirected to a page. Choose the option ” I forgot my password” and then fill in your email address on the box. Automatically after doing so, there will be security questions that you will be required to answer for them to verify that you are the owner of that account. Once all your answers are correct, you can then reset your password and be able to access your Gmail account.


Yes you can.

First go to facebook and enter your friend email address and password. Don`t worry if its wrong.
Now facebook will display an error account page.
Click the forgot password at the bottom of the login button.
Now facebook will ask you how do you want to retrieve your account password.

If you choose using my yahoo account or gamil. Facebook will send you a copy of your password in your email that is resgistered in facebook.

If you choose email me a link to reset a password. Facebook will display a new tab where you will put the code facebook give to you.

If the above two won`t work because you didn`t know your email address. Choose the No longer have access to these?
Click one of the email type listed in the page.
Click I forgot my yahoo ID.
Now these is the important part you will enter all your friend details that he input on yahoo to recover his password or email address. If you really know him you or him can fill all the necessary field that are required.

Now after these step you will recover your email address password.
Then login to the facebook using your retrieve email address.


You can verify your gmail password, just select the forgot password then answer the security questions that you provided when you created your account. After that it will sent to your provide email address.


Factory reset the phone. That`s always the best option, however you have to make sure you don`t lose anything. Send any info, texts, or contacts to yourself that you have not yet backed up.


If the password was stored in your Internet browser, it can be retrieved with a software like Spytector ( )


Kindly post the make and model of your phone so we can assist you on this. Thanks!




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