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Other than the five foremost features revealed on the other relevant post in this section, is the amalgamation of Voice Memos, YouTube, Stocks, Voice Control, Search, Cut, Copy and Paste, Landscape Keyboard, Messages, Compass and Nike plus iPod Support. 

Let us take a closer outlook at each itemized quality of the up-to-the-minute iPhone 3GS. 

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  1. Voice Memos. The iPhone 3GS is also entrenched with the new Voice memos application.  This allows user to incarcerate and share a memo, thoughts, meetings, and any other recordings.
  2. YouTube Torrent. Additionally, with iPhone 3GS, you can gaze at YouTube videos, anytime and anywhere you are. Just log on to your YouTube account for you to sync and keep bookmarks or favorite ratings.
  3. Check Stocks. It also has the capability to track iPhone stocks. This can be illustrated via charts, financial details, and headline news for every stock you select.
  4. Voice Control. This is a product’s mark that allows you to distinguish names listed in your Contacts and identify the music on your iPod. In case you would like to play a song or make a call, just pose your iPhone.
  5. Search Capability. In line with its faster feat is the search attribute that would assists users to execute a quick search of contact details, calendars, emails or anything athwart your iPhone 3GS. You then can locate what you’re looking for in an instant.
  6. Cut Copy and Paste. With iPhone 3GS you can perform cut, copy and paste pictures and texts between programs. Images from the web can also be copied and pasted to your iPhone.
  7. Landscape Keyboard. For better ergonomics, iPhone 3GS also seizes a landscape keyboard. It is an intellectual keyboard application that allocates typing of texts and messages effortlessly. A larger keyboard can be obtained by simply rotating the iPhone. This provides a landscape typing interface for Notes.
  8. Message Sending Options. Messages such as videos, texts, locations, contact details, photos and audios can also be sent or forwarded to other recipients.
  9. Digital Compass. For direction support, iPhone 3GS has a en suite digital compass, which would lead you to the right way. This is made possible by the new Compass App. It would automatically re-adjust maps to bout the direction you are heading to.
  10. Nike and iPod Support. Another exciting doohickey attribute is the Nike + iPod Sensor, which allows you to grab a Nike + shoe for you to commence a much more exhilarating work out. 

All these are absolute marks of the potent iPhone 3GS qualities and capabilities. Seize one from your favorite app store, enjoy and make the most of its offered attributes. This iPhone also seizes a desktop-class email, with the sophisticated mobile web-browser Safari, together with astounding Map applications. It is all on one phone, iPod and Internet contrivance ever produced by Apple – the iPhone 3GS.

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