Mr. Number for iPhone Updated

By On Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Mr. Number is a very popular mobile application that will allow the users to control on who can call them and in what time. For the moment, the app is only available for iPhone and Android smartphones, as BlackBerry will coming soon. The new version of the app will work just like your status at your instant messaging client.

It means that just like what you do with your instant messenger status, you can change it to let your friends know when you are able to have a call, when you only available for text, or even when you can’t do anything. This app is also allowing you to send your calls to voicemail and let your friends know when you will be able to be contacted again.

If you still don’t know about Mr. Number, it is an app with a feature to block any calls or text from any numbers that you don’t want to hear about anymore. It will also inform you on who is calling when you don’t know the number using its crowd-sourced caller ID. For your information, more than 20 million phone numbers have been recognize, and ten of millions of calls and SMS have been blocked by this app.