Must Have iPad App for Adventure Game

By On Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 Categories : iPad


The quintet adventure version of new Monkey Island has reached another stage. Monkey Island Tales 5 HD: The Rise of the Pirate God will bring you dark, epic, and triumphant ending for the game. In this version, Guybrush, our hero, stuck in the afterlife. He is in a purgatorial puzzle place and need to pick up objects, use them, talk to characters, and solve the riddles to return to the world of living and kill LeChuck.

The summary of the last chapter is actually will bring you some really exciting stories, and maybe a bit heartfelt moments on the characters that you have known and cherish if you play from the first story. But I still think that Mokey Island 5 is a very good climax to the four previous series of chasing ghost, zombie, and demon pirate in the Caribbean seas for five episodes and around 20 hours of playing time.

Some might think that this game is pretty frustrating with some issues in it including the annoying control scheme, stutters, sound glitches, framerate problems, and performance issues. This game could also work on iPad 2, but it will stutter along on the original tablet.