Must Have iPad App for Battle Game

By On Thursday, June 14th, 2018 Categories : iPad


Finally, Electronic Arts release the iPad version of their Battleship. Although the game is similar with the previous iPhone and iPod Touch version, Battleship for iPad is not only have a graphic enhancement, but also utilizing iPad’s larger screen. Of course the game has a better graphics, additional animations, and cutscenes. But beside that, EA seems like making the game easier to play.

While it seems like the iPad version has nothing special, the more realistic and vibrant player board will help you to see the items and actions. It will surely reduce your mistakes and speed up the gameplay. As you may guess, Battleship for iPad will provide you with a side by side game boards. You will see your board on the left while the AI’s board on the right.

This game is available in 3 modes: Single Player, Classic Mode, and Super weapons. The best mode for me is the Super Weapons. It is a power-up style game where you can upgrade your weapons more than just a battleship cannon. This game works with iPad and iPad 2 with iOS 3.2 or later in it. If you are interested, check out the App Store now to download it for $2.99.