Must Have iPad App for Creativity

By On Sunday, April 29th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Try Wreck This App from Penguin Group USA. It is an activity book which will provide you with various prompts for creative expression. Originally, the app was founded by writer and illustrator Keri Smith with his self-expressive approach to the journal by releasing “Wreck This Journal.” Now, Wreck This Journal is available for iOS with plenty new ways to express your creativity.

The app is just like a coloring activity on your e-book with prompts on the pages. When you open the page, you will find an encouraging prompts, experiments, and a new way to play around. The activities on the page is also fun. In example, a page will tell you to scribble wildly, while another page want you to take pictures of sticky stuffs such as glue, tape, or gum. In fact, there are 54 pages of creativity!

As a writer, I think this app is really a great stuff as sometimes, a writer use the prompts and activities to amuse themselves, practice, and looking for ideas. Wreck This App is a perfect suite for that purpose and it is great to entertain yourself. If you need a stress relief, a source of creative inspiration, or maybe an artistic outlet all in one place, you should try this app.