Must Have iPad App for Dual Stick Game

By On Sunday, July 1st, 2018 Categories : iPad


If you have played and followed the development of Crescent Moon Game, you should already heard about the much anticipated dual stick action game from them. That role playing game (RPG) is called Pocket RPG. Finally, the game has made its way to the iPad and it will going to be a great dungeon crawler.

Pocket RPG is a game that is played from top to the bottom of your screen with an awesome 3D display. The gameplay mechanism is developing when you have to explore the dungeons and beating the monsters that you find along the way. A lot of loot can be collected and various skills can be unlocked. While the game is developing, you will also meet some boss battles. But don’t worry, the RPG taste is pretty strong as you can upgrade your character’s ability.

There are three different classes to choose from with different gameplay: blade master, dark ranger, and battle mage. The dual stick control is located on the bottom right and left of your screen. If you are an RPG, dual stick shooting game, you should give Pocket RPG a try.