Must Have iPad App for Ducati Racing

By On Sunday, June 10th, 2018 Categories : iPad


If we are talking about car racing games on iOS, there are some popular names such as Real Racing, Death Rally, and many more. However, the number for moto-racing is far less. Let’s take a look at one of that few number. Ducati Challenge was created by Ducati and Digital Tales to see some of the Ducati motorcycles in action. This is the perfect game for either motorcycle, Ducati, or racing games lover.

There are three modes in this game. Quick Challenge, Multiplayer, and Championship. In Quick Challenge, you can practice with various difficulty levels and number of laps. Championship Modes have easy with 4 races, medium for 6 races, and hard with 12 races. Just like on MotoGP, each race will be started with qualifying race to determine who is in the pole position.

The last mode is multiplayer which will allow you to race with your friends via wi-fi and works on different devices. So, you can race your friends on their iPhone, while you are using your iPad. Ducati Challenge seems like trying to prove that moto-racing is not less exciting with car racing games, and they have done it successfully.