Must Have iPad App for Facebook Client

By On Monday, June 18th, 2018 Categories : iPad


Despite waiting for the upcoming facebook app for your iPad, you can try to use Premium Facebook Browser ($1.99) which was created by Nam Kennic. He claims that it is the most advanced native Facebook app for iPad. Will it worth the claim? The first interesting part of this app when you use it is you are able to log in to your account with a different way. There is a Facebook Connect box in this app.

After that, you will be shown the tutorial, which will tell you about the basics of the app. It is great to see that the app take advantage of the large screen on your iPad, along with the touch controls to provide you with a better experience on opening Facebook with iPad. After you are logged on, there will be a navigation menu on your left side. Each new view will be displayed on a new tab, which  you can navigate on your right hand side.

Unfortunately, the biggest mistake on this app is, there is no Facebook Chat. Hopefully the developer will update it in the future. The thing is, the app is very rich of feature. Whatever you can do on Facebook, you can also do it with this app.