Must Have iPad App for Finding Apps

By On Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 Categories : iPad


On WWDC 2011, Apple is announcing that they have more than 400,000 apps on their App Store. It means that there are a lot of apps there, and it is pretty hard to find new apps that you really want to get. But there are some great tools to help you find the right app. One of the best in this business is Discovr apps for iPad and iPhone.

Discovr Apps is a map for more than 400K apps available on Apple’s App Store. It will search for your favorite app, or you can just choose from their featured apps. After that, the app will show you some apps that are linked based on the similarities, which is the combination between machine algorithms and human curation. Discovr CEO, Dave McKinney, even want to improve the already awesome user experience.

When you find the app, you can read the descriptions, see the screenshots, ratings, or buy it directly from the App Store. You can also share your apps via Twitter, email, and Facebook. Beside the combination between human and machine, they want people to contribute to their data from the crowd, to make the recommendation even better.