Must Have iPad App for Flight Manuals

By On Monday, July 30th, 2018 Categories : iPad


For your information, a pilot has to carry their flight manuals which weighing for up to 25 pounds every time they are flying. But now, Alaska Airlines is going to remove the paperwork, as well as look cooler in the eyes of the customers by allowing their pilots to bring the iPad.  This lightweight tablet works as a replacement for that old school flight manuals.

They are now in the process of delivering this Apple’s tablet for the entire pilot on Alaska Airlines, and the distribution is expected to be completed on mid-June. Previously, they are having trial with 100 line and instructor pilots and the representatives of Air Line Pilots Association, who are evaluating the possibility of using an iPad as their electronic flight manuals last winter and spring.

The pilots are using an app called GoodReader. The app is coming with the PDF versions of 41 flight, performance and system manuals, reference cards, and any other important thing for pilot. Those are including hyperlinks and graphics to let the pilot find information faster and easier. For Apple, this is an interesting breakthrough. I’m pretty sure that in the coming days, more airlines will do the same.