Must Have iPad App for Free Game

By On Thursday, June 21st, 2018 Categories : iPad


You might remember when last year, Darksiders coming to your home consoles. Some people was dismissed the game for being quite similar with Zelda and God of War. But of course that is a foolish decision to miss a game that was similar to two famous games. If you already miss the game, you better try that now as you will miss a solid romp.

Now, let’s meet World of Oil, a new iPad game developed by Lemico Soft. However, it is not like Darksiders at all. World of Oil was totally steals the whole thing from both World of Goo and Feed Me Oil for the appearance. For the gameplay, it steals from another game, Pipe Mania.

For your information, World of Goo is a very successful indie game on PC and Wii before coming to iPad last year. Feed Me Oil is a physics puzzle by EA factory Chillingo, also a successful app. But Pipe Mania is a forgotten puzzle game from more than 20 years ago. The result can be seen on World of Oil which combine two good games but plays like a boring one. Thankfully, this is a free game, so it won’t hurt if you try.