Must Have iPad App for Magazine

By On Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 Categories : iPad


The people behind MacUser magazine that is popular in UK have made something exclusive for iPad called Padder. It is a new electronic magazine that is rich of features, tips, and reviews of the latest apps from iPad and the third party products. This is an exclusive app for iPad with many features that you may expect from a magazine in the Apple’s tablet.

There is a page for App Store highlights. You can also see a page called ‘THIRTY’. This might be for the future, when the publishers give a monthly list for 30 apps in the category. The first issue on the app is the Top 30 paid games for your iPad. The ‘HOW TO’ section will give you some instructions to do some of the task in iPad such as turning your iPad into monitor, etc.

Unfortunately, the first issue might suggest that this app is not iPad-centric. The ‘DISCOVER’ section for example, has something called ‘awesome stuff.’ From the five items in the list, there are only two related to iPad. The ‘HARDWARE’ section also shows some great items for your iPhone. As it is still the first issue, I hope they will improve it in the future release.