Must Have iPad App for Maxim Readers

By On Saturday, March 17th, 2018 Categories : iPad




The earth is getting hot nowadays, and so does the Maxim Magazine as for the first time, they have released their annual Hot 100 issue for the iPad. As it is a special offering for an iDevice owners, this issue will coming one week earlier than the print edition. The Hot 100 issue is a longtime staple for Maxim since 2000. It will consists the list of the world’s most beautiful woman from number 100 to 1. Of course the list is subjective and always changes.

For example, Cameron Diaz is at the front cover of June 2011 issue, but actually she isn’t sitting at the umber 1 on the list. The title goes to a British model and actress, Rosia Huntington-Whiteley, while Diaz must satisfied to be number 4. The past winners were Katty Perry (3rd this year), Olivia Wilde (15th), and Lindsay Lohan (38th).

Of course not all readers is satisfied with the special edition. They said that the issue is lack of interactivity such as interviews or additional pics. Also you can’t expect for videos of those in the list. Still, there is 50,000 downloads every month including 10,000 from Apple’s gadget. The last edition ($3.99) is available to purchase on free Maxim HD app.