Must Have iPad App for Mind Mapping

By On Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad


Mindjet, a mind mapping company, has announced the availability of their MindManager for iPhone, as well as MindManager for iPad. Both the apps will be available on June 15th. It will cost $6.99 for the iPhone version, while the iPad version can be downloaded for $8.99. With this app, you will be able to sketch your ideas and connect the dots when you are mobile.

Moreover, those two apps will be launched simultaneously with MindManager 9 for Mac which is aiming to allow the users to make and manage the things on their brain across multiple media like PC/Mac, web, and mobile. MindManager for iOS will brig a fast finger slide to create topic, support drag and drop functionality, editing topics (cut, paste, and delete), integrated to Dropbox, and the ability to browse large maps.

Mindjet promising that they will develop the mobile app platform including for the functionality, integrating to their web services, and the compatibility with the standard of map format for Mindjet. Mind mapping is really a brilliant way to manage your brain. So it is a very good news to see it coming to mobile. Let’s wait for the other platform.