Must Have iPad App for Newsletter

By On Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 Categories : iPad


As CNN is collaborating with Nokia for a CNN news app, Fox News is doing the same. The media powerhouse is now aiming for the iPad users with their new app that is sponsored by ExxonMobil. Can you imaging when CNN is taking advantage of iPad’s big screen? It will surely make news reading more pleasure.

For the feature, it is quite user friendly. You only have to swipe through the ‘Happening Now’ to have a quick glance about the latest news, browsing for articles, video clips, and the sildeshows available on Moreover, you can share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and email which has become a standard feature for an app.

You can also add a story to your favorites and save it for later reading, watching live TV, and listen to Fox News Radio. FOX News Channel ticker will also keep you updated with the top stories. Beside releasing this new app, Fox News also said that their iPhone app has become the most downloaded free news ipad app for 2010, above CNN and The New York Times. Their mobile website also has 12 million unique visitors every month.