Must Have iPad App for Playing Hangman

By On Friday, June 1st, 2018 Categories : iPad


Zynga, a game developer who is quickly be the leader for mobile games area, has released the “Hanging with Friends” for iOS. It is a refreshment of the classic game, Hangman, that has been played by many school children. There are two version of this game. The free version will come with some ads, while the paid version is only $0.99. You can play for up to 20 simultaneous games.

This game is using push notification to tell you when it is your turn to guess the letter. The better you are, the more coins you will get. That coins can be redeemed for more things like more chances to guess. If you are not that good, you can buy the coins via in app purchase.

Unfortunately, this game is not showing on the App Store, although Zynga claims that it launched today. For me, the best way to play Hangman is with pens and paper. You family might think that you are odd for playing that old school game. But I guess they would buy themselves if you show them the app. The best thing from Hangman is taunting your opponents and guessing their facial gestures. Surely the app can’t replace that thing in playing Hangman.