Must Have iPad App for Productivity

By On Monday, July 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad


Time is money, so productivity is everything. It won’t be a problem if you have DocAS ($2.99) on your iPad. This app will allow you to manage various files from different sources, annotate PDF files, view files with popular types, write notes, audio recording, or even print your files with AirPrint. You can also use iTunes File Sharing to import and export the documents.

Moreover, you are also able to write your own PDF files and type your notes. Or you can also write with your finger thanks to the smooth handwriting engine in this app and the palm recognition feature. When you open the app, your notebook will be displayed in horizontally scrolling view. With this view, it is easier to see the title, file type, and the date modified. If you have some notebooks, you can also arrange it in thumbnail.

Your notebooks will be saved on specific folders so it will be easy for you to search it in the future. The folder can also be protected by separate password. The app has some tools to help your work as efficient as possible. You can also manipulate the text and shapes after you create it.