Must Have iPad App for Puzzle Game

By On Monday, May 7th, 2018 Categories : iPad

If you are growing in the era of PlayStation 1 video games, you must have been familiar with a game called Intelligence Qube. It was a logic puzzle game which is offering you a top-down gameplay style on a grid. In the game, you have to dodge the incoming obstacles by destroy it. You can destroy it by bombing them or using your combo attacks. Now a game on App Store for iPad, Hope’s Quest, is similar with the first title, only with modern 3D graphics.

A wide range of environments, impressive visuals, allowing you to have a nostalgic with old title in a gorgeous widescreen display. The app description said that the game has six different environments. You can see many things from the Egyptian setting into a Tibetan monastery. This game is providing you with 60 different puzzles, so it would give you a satisfying replay value for puzzle fans.

In this story, you will be in the role of Hope to uncovers evil power that she must safe it into the Pandora Box. You have to help Hope to solve the evil mystery as well as testing your logical problem solving ability. The game is available for the iPad and you can grab it from the App Store for $6.99.