Must Have iPad App for Roman Emperor

By On Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Road of Rome is a time management which was exclusively created for iPad. The game combines a little part from The Sims with some strategical aspects. You can have the love story by Victorius and his feeling to Caesar’s daughter. Of course it won’t be smooth. The roman leader want to keep them apart by sending Victorius in a very long mission.

You are playing as one of Caesar’s best soldier who lead a group to build the roads of Rome. You have to travel unexplored areas, remove the dangers, and prepare the civilization. The time management aspect is important here as you have to manage your time with each of your soldier. Your men have to cut trees to gather wood to build the roads, but they also have to pick berries to keep their stamina up. You have to complete your tasks before the time runs out or you have to try again.

In summary, the design of the game is pretty well with multiple gaming styles. You should help your men to take care of themselves, but also strategizing on how to get your job done in time. The graphics work very well as the soundtrack helps your mood.