Must Have iPad App for Social Networking news

By On Friday, May 18th, 2018 Categories : iPad

News360 is a very good news browser with some interesting categories. The stories are available on normal browsing, but if you want it more and want to try the full text mode, the web browser is available on this app. It means that you can have it on detail and keep looking for another. The good thing from this app is that they provide you with multiple sources for the stories, providing you with a wide perspective on what’s going on.

Recently, News 360 has updated the iPad and Android app. The update will allow the app to explore your Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, and Google account to find the things that you are interested in. They call this system as “reverse search”, means that the content will find you, not the opposite. Even if the search is wrong, you can manually tweak it. The web based version of this app is also available if you want it on bigger screen.

Maybe, it is a little scarry to find the app exploring our habits and see what we are look like. Anyway, Google does it every day and if it is for a tool that will find the stuff that I would like, it is a pleasure for me. If you are interested on this app, you can have it on the App Store for free.