Must Have iPad App for Star Trek Fans

By On Friday, June 29th, 2018 Categories : iPad


If you are one of the biggest fans of Star Trek, you must try this brand new app. Even if you are not the fan but already watch the film, you should also try it. This Star Trek iPad App is called Personal Access Display Device (PADD). The app will convert your iPad app into a science fiction gadget which will resemble what was used on the series.

The developer of the app, CBS Interactive, was duplicating the original design of the user interface from LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System). This is used by all of the computers on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The app also includes the complete database for alien races, ship models and of course the detailed TNG episode guide. You can even connect with other Trekkies in the world via Facebook and Twitter, directly from your iPad.

When PADD was first shown on Star Trek: The New Generation, there is no one who imagined that someday we could hold the real thing in our hands. But this PADD app on your iPad is the real miniature of that PADD. You can have it from the iTunes for $4.99 now.