Must Have iPad App for Text Editor

By On Monday, June 4th, 2018 Categories : iPad


If you want a full screen text editor on your iPad, you can use OmmWriter for iPad ($4.99). The app is providing you with a free environment for writing without any distraction. This app is running full screen, so you won’t be distracted with anything. The creator of OmmWriter Dana had this on their mind when they are creating the app for Mac.

OmmWriter will not use the standard keyboard. It uses the custom keyboard created by the developers. It is only appears on landscape mode, which is also the preferred way to type on iPad. You can also adjust the location of the keyboard by dragging it from the top.

If you have used OmmWriter on Mac, you will be impressed with the smooth transition from Mac to iPad. The backgrounds and sounds on the app are somewhat soothing and help you to concentrate to your writing.However, you might need some time to get used with the keyboard. Beside that, the Auto Correct feature is not enable on OmmWriter, and there is no way to enable it. There is no auto-save feature either way, so you have to save it manually in the middle of your progress.