Must Have iPad App for Travel Search

By On Monday, June 11th, 2018 Categories : iPad


Hipmunk is actually a really good travel booking site. They have just released their iPad ap which is trying to take the pain out when you are looking for a flight. The app will use the company’s agony filter which will search for flight not only based on the price, but also on other factors which can caused a bad traveling experience.

For example, the app will determine that paying $20 more for direct traveling will be a better choice instead of saving your money but losing time. Although the algorithm still weights on price, there are some factors to determine on your search.

This Hipmunk iPad app is also brilliantly taking advantage from the large tablet size to display the flight information. So, everything will be laid out in an easy to understand graphs. Not only simple, these information is also interactive. You can drag for the start and end times if you want a specific search based on the time. If you want to book it, just use your Safari browser to fill the travel information. Maybe that was the only negative thing from the app. In fact, it will be great if that thing could be the strength of the app.