Must Have iPad App for Twitter Client

By On Sunday, July 1st, 2018 Categories : iPad


While Twitter is getting more popular today, a Twitter client for our gadget is extremely important. That is why TapFactory released their Twitter client, TweetyPop. Actually, the app was launched earlier this year, but just got its latest update recently. The update adds some requested features and a bit fine tuning. You can quote a tweet with this client. The app also supporting potrait.

Although there are a lot of Twitter clients in the wild, TweetyPop is offering something better. They still display your timeline in a traditional list view, but the real benefit is the 3D option. It will provide you with three dimensional environment. In this view, tweets are displayed with perspective depth which is depending on how long ago they were posted.

Interestingly on the 3D Twitterverse, you will see the older post first. It is because the system is using an elimination concept. You will read the older post, and then fling it out of the screen to mark it as a read tweet. It will allow you to read all the unread tweets. TweetyPop is available on the App Store for $.99, but make sure you are running iOS 4.0 or later to make it work.