Must Have iPad App for Video Chatting

By On Friday, May 4th, 2018 Categories : iPad


Last morning, there is an interesting move from Skype when they are releasing the iPad app, but then pulls it again. I don’t know whether it is a false start or something, but the important thing is the video and voice calling app is now officially released for iPad. All the standard features are included such as instant messaging, sms texting, list management, and of course the famous video and voice calls. Unfortunately, there is no multi-user video chat.

Skype has become the standard for a VoIP app in a long time, as the other similar app is not as well prepared as Skype. As RIM and Apple is trying to make their own video calling system, Skype has it as their biggest selling point and it can be used between any platform, even with a traditional phone lines. Android version is available, Microsoft is ready to acquire them, and more platforms are on the waiting list.

The interesting is, even if you don’t have the iPad 2 with its front facing camera, you can still install it on the original iPad and just receive the incoming video calls. The video demo is available on YouTube and if you want more information about its features, you can check Skype’s website.