Must Have iPad App for Weather Forecast

By On Sunday, March 25th, 2018 Categories : iPad


A company called Jilion has released their iPad app, Aelios Weather ($2.99), which will allow you to explore the forecast of various spot in all over the world with its interactive map. It is a not only new, but also different weather app with anything that you have seen before. You can say that it is an interactive Google Maps with detailed imagery of the world, so you can navigate anywhere to see the weather information.

When you start the app, it might be not in a place near you. But you can tap the crosshair button in the top left corner to make your iPad prompt you for your location in Aelios. Then the map will immediately move to your current location. When the map is already on the spot that you want to see, you can get information about the city such as the current time in that area, and the weather forecast.

The weather forecast in this app is really great. The app will give you the weather forecast for eight times a day. That forecast is including the temperature, the wind’s speed and direction, precipitation measurement, and of course the icon to symbolize the current weather. Even if you like weekly forecast more than the daily, this app still can fulfill your need.