Must Have iPad App for Web Searching

By On Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 Categories : iPad


You might already familiar with Microsoft’s web searching service called Bing. You can also use Bing search on your iPad as a few months ago, Bing was launched for iPad. It is a bit awkward when Microsoft making a good app for Apple’s product, but in fact, the app is pretty impressive. Yesterday, they even released the first update for the app, to provide a new feature called Lasso.

When you tap the new option on navigation bar, you will be in Lasso mode. Then, you only have to circle any word in any page that you read and Bing will launch a search for that word. The results will be presented in an impressive interface which is very good for a tablet with a big screen. Even if you have nothing to search, there are categories that you can read and the Trends to see what’s going on today.

Moreover, the feature for maps, voice search, and automatic suggestion is still under development. The app also support gestures. For example, to go forward or backward from a loading page, you only have to swipe from the edge of the page. The app is available free in the App Store.