My account is blocked on flirchi how should i activated again?

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My account is blocked on flirchi how should i activated again?. Are You guys own this kind of query?, If yes then plz found the best feedback right after below:\r\n

I have been sending someone my email address so they block my account….


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How can i reopen my flirchi blocked account? I uploaded some bad pics in my account, and i was not aware about the account can be blocked coz of it. i want to reopen my account, how can i do so ???


Hello i want to delete my account from flirchi help me please help ,i entered in to flirchi 1 days back but now i want to leave the group will you Hello i want to leave flirchi will you help me.


My account shows I`m from Islamabad , but I`m from Lahore, 2; my profile photo does not showed, my fvt account checked pls and my photo paste on clutching.


My flirchi account is blocked how to unblock it? Your profile has been punished… This is msg i am receiving.


How can i reopen my lbpiacess account, i forgot my name ID and password.


Just unsubscribe the page then u will not get any disturbance.


I need more friend and it`s very right said
I joined that said.

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