My brother had a Obama phone and now he passed away how do I close it down?

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My brother had a Obama phone and now he passed away how do I close it down?. Do You mam & sir own this kind of problem?, If do then plz read the answer below this line:

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Sorry to here this, and that of your lost. You will need a Death Certificate and Power of Attorney, or a Affidavit preassigned by your Bother give you some form of limited powers to operate as and Executor of his Estate. Or you can place a lien on your Brother account for and pass due payment on a over due bill and create the paper work of a ( promissory note) with and Ucc 1 filing on-line to the Secretary of State, once you get the dock it number you have Controlling Interest on him but whatever amount greater than what`s in his account, and can now file this at the county court and place a freeze on the account and began garnishing the account , look up” Ucc 1 Financial Statement and place your self as the (Secured Party) and Him as the Debtor and in doing this, get his car vin NO# and model etc or any goods that you can use as Collateral and placed a lien on on the goods on to this form. If you have any problems on the filing out the form, go to You Tube and you can find out how to proceed with the filing, and you can up load to the Secretary of State web site directly.

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