My cable box says no ip after changing tv locations?

By On Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 Categories : Question & Answer

My cable box says no ip after changing tv locations?. Do You sir and mam has this kind of query?, If yes then plz get the tips below:\r\n

It was working before I unplugged it.


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I am new to using Kindle for PC but looks like “locations” are a count of periods in the text [aka full stop in Australian schools]. Might also include colons, and I would guess diagrams/pictures have their own location id.
Location doesn`t depend on font but the range of locations (shown at the bottom of a Kindle screen) changes as more locations fit on the screen in a smaller font.
Why Kindle don`t explain this up front in their Help file is a mystery.


The only thing they will do now is put you on a watch list, and keep an eye on you whenever you are in that particular store. Then if you get caught doing it again, they come after you.


U can go to setting or contact list u ill find an option to rington so u can change.


Have you tried using a seperate audio lead? not ideal but worth a shot.


It should be on the setting for HMV1 not AV 1 o.


No mine didn`t work so i just never used again….