My desktop won`t fit on my screen! How do I fix it?

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My desktop won`t fit on my screen! How do I fix it?. Do You mate own that kind of concern?, If do then plz read the best tips below this line:\r\n

I have a hisense TV and I can`t find out how to fix my desktop on my screen! Windows hang off of my screen and my windows cant be seen correctly


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Hello there Sudhir and good day to you!

If you are having a problem of your desktop computer then i suggest you to try to use the system restore option by going to start menu > all progams > accessories > system tools > then choose system restore and follow the simple instruction..

Thank you for your question Sudhir and if you have more question to ask then please don`t hesitate to ask it here and i promise you that you will get a quick response from us.


Hello there sir/mam and good day to you! Try to use the “System Restore” option of your computer. You can do this by going to start menu > all programs > accessories > system tools > then choose “system restore” and just follow the instruction.


There is a problem in your computer program. You can try to remove the memory of your PC and clean it with eraser but if this don`t work you should reformat your PC. If you how to do, that is the best way to solve your problem, If you don`t know, you can let the technician do.


You need to replace the screen of your monitor to remove the lines. Since its damaged by hitting, the screen is already broken and needs replacement. But you can still try rubbing a pencil eraser on your screen, sometimes it works on dead pixels.


When you call your friend on skype call using the video call. Then once connected click on the + sign on skype and select the screen share. In that way you can screen share and have your video call running at the same time.


Right click on the back of your desktop, click on screen resolution and go to the reccomended setting (which is usually the defult, or reccomended setting) and it should go back to normal.


Just try to reformat your computer then install the necessary drivers.You can try to view your BIOS too, to see if you enabled something like the network boot.


No it will not delete the one on the desktop. Always see to it that you have a back up when you delete a file on the usb so that data will not be loss. Hope this helps you.


Ccleaner should do it.