My e-mail account is disabled, how can I change it to enable?

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My e-mail account is disabled, how can I change it to enable?. Are You mam & sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz check the solution right after below:

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If your mail is in Google this could be helpful to you. First you have said that you uninstalled the app , then the best thing you can do is to download again the apps and install it. In case of Google mail, these steps could be helpful for you to enable your mail.
1. Search the browser and log in with your Google account.

2. Choose setting icon located at top right corner near with share.

3. When you do that a drop down will be appear. Then, click on Google setting
4. Now you are in the notification setting in this page you can chose enable and disable it will depend on your case to choose.
5. Then it will save automatically.

next time always be careful on clicking.


Hi friend,

This is how you enable your email notification:

To enable an email notification channel
Log on to the computer with a name account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role.
In the Operations console, click Administration.
In the navigation pane, under Notifications, right-click Channels. Click New channel and then click E-mail (SMTP).
Type a name for the channel, such as SMTP channel and optionally provide a description. Click Next.
In the SMTP servers area, click Add.



If you forget your password then check in google and write the tag”how to recover my emailo passwoard”and they will ask your phone number and will send you a code on ur mobile and type it on the screen and they will ask u for a new password.and u can again use your email account.And remember email account cant be disabled it may be very old.

Aditya Chakrava

If the sync is disabled then you cannot receive emails from that device but as far as your real inbox you will still get the mails there it is just that your device will not sync with your device. You will need to manually sync it in order for the new emails to come into your device.


Try to pull out the battery even phone on then have it rest for about 2 to 5 secs. and then turn it on again and then wait until initializes finish and then check if the problem solve if not try to do some soft reset.


You won`t receive emails to your phone if it shows that the sync is disabled. You will have to sync it back up. Once you do this, then you will receive all of the emails that you haven`t received.


You might be able to re-enable it via this page :
If that doesn`t work then you can contact Apple : .