My element tv wont play a movie past an hour and thirty minutes after that it cuts out is there a way to fix it?

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My element tv wont play a movie past an hour and thirty minutes after that it cuts out is there a way to fix it?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz check the solution right after below:

Can i mess with the settings to get it to play a whole movie


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Have you tried upgrading it?????…if ont yet try that out first.


Here`s something I noticed, and I hope it will help. My charger broke on my Hisense, luckily (or so I thought) I had plenty of other charges to fit the slot. NOPE. This was my mistake. The Hisense charger is actually different than the other charges that look like it, it took me DAYS to notice. If you look at your Hisense charger, the teeth inside are curved into somewhat of a smile shape. NOW, look at ALL your other chargers, straight teeth right? That`s why it shows the battery, but doesn`t charge it. While it fits, the teeth inside don`t match up. I haven`t found ANY other charges that have teeth like that. I actually exchanged my Hisense before I figured it out. Mine was a Hisense Sero 7 Lite. Hope this helps! Because I really thought I was screwed.


Its happen most often to those pc or laptop that not have sufficient power to turn on the external hard rive my advice is use a usb chord that equip of using a two usb port one is for data and power and the other one is for extra power like this in the picture … if still this method does not work try using a USB hub that equip of power adapter to give you an idea please visit this link


If you download and installed the latest version of adobe flash player and the movie still wont`s play in your pc try to downgrade,if you have 11. adobe flash try to use 10. adobe flash version, just try to test what working flash player in your pc to paly the movie.


Try using a new cable, also try shorter cable. Try other ports.


Go to a movie store and see what they sa.