My headphones are connected the symbol for it is on task bar but the sound continue to come from tablet speaker instead of headphones?

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My headphones are connected the symbol for it is on task bar but the sound continue to come from tablet speaker instead of headphones?. Do You mam has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please get the best tips below this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

This means there is something stuck on the Audio Jack of your phone. I want you to follow the cleaning procedure below.

1. Turn off the phone.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Get a Qtip and a isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol.
4. Put the alcohol on the qtip and put it on it inside the jack.
5. Make circular Motions be careful and do not let the cotton get stuck inside the jack.
6. If you think its not enough pour a little alcohol on the jack.(don`t worry it will not mess up your phone)
7. Now put back the battery and turn on the phone.

If the headset icon is still there, I suggest doing a factory data reset. Before doing a factory data reset backup your data first.

1. Download and Install kies software
2. Run kies.
3. Connect you phone to your Computer using USB cable.
4. Open Click you phone`s name in kies.
5. Click Backup and restore.
6. Select Backup.
7. Click Select all.
8. Click backup to start the backup.
9. If you want to restore the data after the backup do the same process but click restore instead of backup.

Now to do a factory data reset,

1. Open your phone`s Settings.
2. Select backup and restore.
3. Tap factory data reset.


What do you mean by background music? This sounds so weird because the speakers and the headphones should be using the same audio jack and thus should be experiencing the same problem. I don`t know if this would work, but try this fix:



Get a pin and flick out the copper tag in the very bottom of the headphone socket and then then the rest of the tags the bottom tag was the main problem on mine the symbol will dissapear and your phone will be working correctly have fun ppl chris car mechanic.


It sounds like a problem with the headphones but there`s probably a problem with the iphone headphone jack itself, try putting the headphones halfway into the jack, but don`t click them in and see if it sounds any better; i had a similiar problem with my phone.


The beats could actually be the problem. you might have the wires plugged in the opposite way. that happened to me just reconnect it.


You could double check and see if the headpone jack is hooked into the headphone ole instead of the speaker.


Try to reboot your S3.or hard reset it.Im sure it will fix your problem.