My ipone is broke and can`t get pictures?

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My ipone is broke and can`t get pictures?. Are You sir has that kind of question?, If do then please check the solution below this line:

My screen is broke on my iphone 6, i need my videos and pictures from it but my phone has a passcode and i can`t use it because its smashed. what do i do? i dont want to lose all my pictures, so whats the best to go about it?


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The charger designed for Apple and the one made in China for your clone iPhone 5 should be pretty much the same. Other than the original vs. clone aesthetics, the main purpose of the charger should be the same.

If the charger you bought from radio shack won`t work, I suggest you take it back to the store for exchange. Bring your phone with you and once you received the replacement, test it right then and there. Make sure that you see the phone charge before taking the charger home because if it really doesn`t work, you can ask for a refund.

If you can also recall the store or the person where you bought this phone, pay a visit or contact them to ask if they sell cellphone accessories such as chargers as this will save you a lot of time and effort finding the compatible charger for your cellphone.


Yes, you can recover it because it is stored in the cache memory of your mobile phone. All you need to do is to download a software that will help you recover your lost photos in your mobile phone.


You can still recover your photos from formatted memory cad. Try This software will help you to recover photos from formatted memory card.



Try the word “GRIEF” for a broken heart with a bandage on it and of 3 sad looking people.



Just open your app and find the option by name contacts.. just clikc on that you`ll get contacts and their profile pictures.


You can transfer it first from your htc to computer then from your computer transfer it or sync it to your iphone.


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No you can`t, its not turning on so your can`t back up anymore. you just have to fix it without backing up.


Yes that is correct and then thru itunes you should be able to sync photos……..