My is my tablet flashing red lights?

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My is my tablet flashing red lights?. Are You Mrs or Mr has that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the best feedback right after this line:

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If the modem lights keeps on flashing check if you ca still access the internet on your computes, because sometimes modem lights will be flashing and sometimes its stable, as it depends on the activity of the modem as the as there are transferring of data happens such as those packets are distributing to the correct device conected to it.

If you cannot access the internet using the modem, try to power cycle the modem and check if you are getting the same thing, if its still the same thing, then you may need to reconfigure or manually configure the settings of the internet and try contacting you ISP for further configuration needed such as the credentials you need to use.


It just means that there is an activity on the modem going to the other which is the Airport Express. You do not need to worry about it. The orange means that it is 100mbps line. It will turn green when it is 1Gbps. So when I guess you do not need to worry about the light as it is normal to flash especially if you are browsing the internet. Just worry if one light turns off and then there is a red light on normal lights that are usually on and green or orange.


It needs to be reset. At the back of the unit ther is a tiny hole, it says reset in small letters. push a pin into it . keep pressing untill all the lights turn off. the system will start to reboot.


Your up stream levels are bad. call a suddenlink tech out to fix it there is not too much you can do to fix it without a meter.


That`s the warning that your Xbox life is nearly over and that you will have to get a new one or get i fixed.


Samsung galaxy s3 model number shv-e210l . the camera not work because obtain unknown error.


Try holding power button for 15-20 seconds to see if it does a factory reset.


I am having the same problem. :(.


You download a strobe light app.