My jade 2 won`t connect to jadoo services?

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My jade 2 won`t connect to jadoo services?. Are You mam has this kind of query?, If yes then plz found the best solution right after this line:

Hello there..

Sometimes (other) but not all broadcast channels do commonly have their own broadcast time.. Oftentimes they don`t operate for 24 hours and depending also on the demographic location where the broadcast is being done.

Or it could also means that a particular channel experienced a sudden error and it needs a maintenance to further more enhance it…All of this concern can be best answered by inquiring on their website to be informed om the different updates they have,

On the other hand to answer your concern with regard to your second question, “Unable to add a new Title”

You can try this simple troubleshooting though.. hope it will work on you
1. Unplug the power cable from the Jadoo box device.
2. Wait for 10 seconds.
3. Have the power cables replug.. While doing this, simultaneously press the OK button on the Jadoo remote and hold it for 30 seconds.
4. You will then be seeing a blue “system diagnostics” screen.
5. Then press “info” button on the remote.
6. Wait for 30 seconds.
7. Check in the bottom of your TV screen if you got Done message in the end.
8. If the alert word “done” is there, press “Back” button on the Jadoo remote.
9. The box will then restart.
10. After restarting , check if it is working properly.

There it goes..Hope this one helped you in a way, if it did please vote for YES at the bottom of this page..

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Jadoo 1 & 2 had been disabled and will not work again. They want you to buy the more faster, clear and latest version Jadoo 4. They want you to trade it in.
Notice: Jadoo 3 will be disabled after about a year.