My Kindle Fire is flashing from normal to red or streaked red and back again?

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My Kindle Fire is flashing from normal to red or streaked red and back again?. Are You sir has that kind of question?, If do then plz get the best feedback below:\r\n

My Kindle Fire is flashing back and forth between a normal and red or red-streaked screen. Can I fix it?


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Some cases, if WPS is blinking green, the router is attempting to use WPS to add a wireless device or computer to the wireless network and if it is blinking green rapidly for about 5 seconds, WPS has failed to add a wireless device or computer.

On your case, I believe it is just ok that WPS kept changing its LED color.


It sounds like it locked up/froze. You just need to reboot it. I have detailed instructions on this here:



The same issue happen to me with my Temple game. What I ended up doing was removing the game and re adding it again. This did the trick and it was fix. .


You might also want to make sure you have the latest software update on your Kindle Fire. .


Why the f&^^ do i have to answer a question before i can have a question answered?? Seriously.


Did you try to hold the button by where you charge it for 10-15 seconds. That is suppose to jump start it.


You most likey burnt out the battery and need a new one next time try not to over charge the devjce.


I have not had any issues with the HD version. I did have to replace the older version 3 times.


Plug it into your computer and start it up via that. should boot up properly then.