My laptop asus X553M wont turn on?

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My laptop asus X553M wont turn on?. Are You mam and sir own that kind of query?, If yes then please read the good feedback right after this line:\r\n

It wont turn on at all how do i rest it


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Iphone has had a numberr of problems today – because of this, consumers have been allowed to bring the phhone back to the dealer & exchange for a new one. That`s the best recommendation – one caution: hand on to your phone. Because of this policy thieves have been turning in phones & exchanging for a `legal` one. Naturally the policy was based on the honor system but there are always a few out there!


Hi there! First removed the battery in your asus infinity then try to press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds and release it. Now put back the battery and turn it on.. See the result.


Crazy. I was trying by holding the button, but I guess was not holding long enough. I read this thread and then tried to hold on for over the minute, and bam, on it came. Thanks.


I tried that not working still but when i connect to pc I can see the files, and I hear a click sound when I press the start buton but screen is still blank.


My husband have a Asus tablet….call the place where you purchased the tablet and explain to them what problem you are having with your tablet.