My LG3 phone is in tutorial mode and it wont let me exit out of it?

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My LG3 phone is in tutorial mode and it wont let me exit out of it?. Do You Mrs or Mr has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the best answer right after below:

Answers for this question:

TO fix the issue just follow the step`s below

1.Just swipe down from the top of the screen using your two finger`s,slightly apart and double tap on more.
2.Double tap on accessibility if you nee to scroll down to see it just use two finger`s slightly apart
3.And turn explore by touch to “OFF”
4.Turn voice guide to off

YOu can also try this Swipe down form the top > go to setting`s >accessibility>screen reader and turn off.


We know restore iphone, will result data loss, I introduce you an easy way to get iphone out of recovery mode.

see this guide, just one click to get out of recovery mode:

Don`t worry lost data, if you lost data, you can use the app to get them back. Now have a try!


I have a moto x as well what you need to do is go into your settings or where ever you first entered and exit out of the tutorial its gonna be in your settings, possible its for blind people most likely in with your voice command.


Try Recovery it again it maybe a faulty installation of Software that causes the phone to stay on recovery mode and dont forget to take off the sim card before doing that.


Try to tap the top of the screen and hit restart, it will respring your device, but it will not reboot it.


Turn off, get the battery off and the sim card, then put everything together again and turn on!!!


I have ikon tablet demo mode doesn`t go.i even tried factory reset.


Now the phone is in the droplet.


tech terms:

Maksud kalimat di handphone sorry the program is abnormal will exit Advan S 5E