My Polaroid L10 tablet stopped recognizing my Epson Stylus LX625. Somehow the system changed the model number of said printer. It added a Cano…

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My Polaroid L10 tablet stopped recognizing my Epson Stylus LX625. Somehow the system changed the model number of said printer. It added a Cano…. Are You sir and mam own that kind of concern?, If yes then please get the best answer below this line:\r\n

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I would like to suggest you the application Epson Iprint, the application was developed by the Epson printer manufacturing company for a wireless printing. please read the description and key feature of the application below, to download the application all you need to do is to open google play and search for “EPSON iPrint”

Print anytime, anywhere to Epson printers from your Android devices. Print photos, webpages and files including Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PDF documents. You can even scan, save and share your files. Also supports online file services such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote® and Google Drive.
Epson iPrint makes printing easy and convenient whether your printer is in the next room or across the world.
Key Features
• Print, scan, and share directly from your Android device
• Print from anywhere in the world to email-enabled printers using remote print functionality
• Print your photos, Microsoft® Word, Excel and PDF files
• Access and print your files from Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.
• Use the built-in web browser to print web pages
• Configure your print options including paper size and type, number of copies, page range and one- or two-sided printing
• Scan from your Epson all-in-one and save as JPG or PDF
• Scan and share your files (save to your device, send via email or save online)
• Check your printer’s status and ink levels
• Get help with a built-in FAQ section
• Supports printing on larger sizes (A3 and Ledger paper)
Advanced Features
• Choose and print multiple photos
• Print with and without borders
• Switch between color or monochrome printing
• Choose from different scanning resolutions and image types
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• Buy ink and supplies for your printer
• Save App to external storage (i.e. micro SD card)
• Setup & register to Epson Connect
• Print & Scan through Wi-Fi Direct(TM)

Souce and Download link : .


I had a tech call couple days ago with this problem and only one black cartridge would work , first see if your printer has an cleaning function run that a couple times, if not your gonna have to do it manually, take out your ink look closely there will be little white circles with “some” color discoloration that`s normal if its thick clean it with a cloth of some sort (a long sleeve shirt will work :P) nevertheless after its been cleaned run test print a few times, and remember ink comes with directions that you have to shake it a few times before installing. And about your cyan, i`m guessing you already tried reseating the cartridge, if that did not work it might be hardware damage look closely at your cyan bay and neighboring bays and see if there`s any difference.


Hi! Not sure if you got this resolved or not, but I was having a problem accessing my printer preferences once I navigated to windows 8 with my printer. The disc doesn`t support windows 8 and I couldn`t see anything important going on with it. I googled the printer type I have and came up with the website provided by Epson to actually download the software and drivers needed for windows 8. I`m happy to say that everything is showing up now.

that`s the link to the website. You select your printer and system and all that and then go through the download process. It will resolve your issues.



Please open your browser and enter this address: localhost:631
This is the control interface for printing subsystem mechanism.This interface makes the printer work on any MAC OS X. Localhost:631 is a control interface for `common UNIX printing system. Please click on administration tab and it would reveal `edit configuration file` Now you would observe these lines:

<Location />
Allow From None
Allow From @LOCAL

Please edit `allow from none` and write `allow from all` and save it.At this point you would be informed of `printing sub-system reset` and finally you are done.Please try printing a test page I am sure it will work smoothly.
Hope this helps.



The reason that your printer doesn`t recognize the new cartridge is that the placement may be loose, try to remove it then put it back again, you should be able to hear a clicking sound, when you hear that, it is okay, then you have to turn it off then after a few seconds, switch it back on again. refresh and resume printing and the ink will be recognize once again.


If your printer cannot be recognized by your computer, make sure you have the cables properly connected. Update or reinstall the printer`s drivers on your computer for it to be detected. Feel free to ask again!


First you need to make sure you have selected the right operating system, then you need to download just 2 items, first “epson scan”, download and install and when finished, download “driver” (the latest version) execute, accept anything it asks you and you have it.


I would suggest that you replace the inks not by pressing the maintenance button on the printer but by going through the process “Head Cleaning”. Right click on the icon on the right side of your icon bar and follow the steps.
It worked fine by me.


This is a common problem with epson printers try reinstalling your cyan cartridge, as for black printing your printer will not print until it detects all the cartridges so if your cyan is properly detected then your printer will work.


Please download and install Drivers for your printer on your Computer download from the link.