My rca tablet makes a weird sound soemtimes what could be wrong?thank you?

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My rca tablet makes a weird sound soemtimes what could be wrong?thank you?. Are You mister or misses own this kind of problem?, If yes then plz check the best answer right after this line:\r\n

When it rings it sounds like the cash registers


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It could be a few things but sounds as if the laser that reads your disks has been damaged. This is an expensive fix and if under warranty still they should replace. If not, it would be cheaper to by a new disk player.


This noise happens when an error message populates in the application. We have passed your feedback onto the developers to see if they would like to change the noise or remove it completely.


My headphones are only playing a part of the music like you hear the beat the the vocal sounds like a echo they dont work well on every device i have
They are skullcandy supreme sound uprock.


You should check the wirings of your headset if there is a broken one. Or you can insert it to other device if you still can hear a sound then your headset is the problem i assume.


I think u have to remove recorder app on ur mobile and re install it again.


Shut it off and wait a few minuts for it to cool down.