My samsung galaxy y back button is not working properly pls help me sir?

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My samsung galaxy y back button is not working properly pls help me sir?. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of problem?, If yes then plz read the best tips right after this line:\r\n

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Hi! I have the same phone thus encountered the same problem. According to my research it is not a hardware thing but a software interruption. Have you tried reinstalling the latest android OS? ? I did not do this as to I got immediately to the samsung service center (if you`ve got no choice, avail of the warranty). Please also do not forget to back up your Operating system.

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Press Volume Up + Home Button + Power On

choose Factory Reset Option, all data will be lost.. but in the other side, your back button will work just the way it is.


>Either boot into recovery mode and then select wipe data/factory reset or menu>settings>privacy>factory data reset. >>or try to proceed as follows:- >Turn the phone off. If you’re unable to turn the phone off with the power button, remove and reinstall the battery. >With the phone off, hold down the Power, Volume Up and Menu buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. Release the buttons when you see the android logo. This will access the unlock/reset menu. >In this unlock/reset menu, you can navigate through using the volume buttons to scroll up/down and the power button to confirm selections. >Scroll down and select `Wipe Data/Factory Reset`. >When prompted scroll down and select `Yes – Delete All name Data`. >When prompted scroll to and select `Reboot System Now`. The phone will then reboot to its factory settings with the security lock removed.

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1*#7353# — Self Test (Menu of 12 tests to use).check your option button is work or back button light is work.if it is not work properly you have to replaced flex cable.Galaxy Grand back bottom and option is separately together with one flex cable(no need to replace whole touch screen)under the touch can replace flex cable to fix your problem.


You will need to factory reset it. make sure all your pics and contacts are saved to sd or sim card before or all will be lost. with most samsungs if you hold the down button on the side at the same time as the power for over thirty seconds.


The best solution to your problem is by bringing your phone to samsung service center to fix your problem. your problem is hardware related and a technical expert need to fix it. hope it helps.


It must havea hardwareproblem in your back key so it will not work just go to the store where you buy your samsung then present your receipt of warranty they will repair it or repalce your phone.


Go in to settings and go to factory data reset/ phone reset and reset it. you will have to get pics and numbers and stuff cause it resets it like it was when u got it.


Search button is not at all resonding for any of d solutions mentioned for samsung galaxy s1. kindly provide a suitable n efficient answer to my pr..


Why my galaxy y cannot turn it on., it happens after i downloading applications. plz help me what i need to do…

im waiting for your replys. tnx.