My soniq qt166 tv remote is not working?

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My soniq qt166 tv remote is not working?. Do You sir & mam has that kind of concern?, If do then plz read the best answer below:\r\n

None of the buttons on the remote are responding, only the power button is working, what can I do to get it working again, I have only had the tv for about 2 months


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I have the same problem with the soniq 55 inch smart TV and qt166 remote. I have been able to get working temporarily by removing the dongle from the tv and re-inserting it. Some times I have to do this a few times. Repeatedly hitting the green home button has worked to. Unfortunately it only lasts for a few days then the same problem happens again.


Go on line and search one for all website for the way to program the remote to the tv make and model. it will tell you step by step what to do and what codes to enter. there are alot of different codes for different tv`s.


Yup! You will find a small back panel on the remote & you need to slide it or there would be a little tab need to be squeezed it. Please check it & let me know!


You can probably replace it if you find a corresponding remote. i.e.-Toshiba TV, Toshiba Remote. You can also contact you cable provider and order a new remote.


Ended up returning to place of purchase and exchanging both remote and dongle. No other solution worked.


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Check that someone did not hit a auxiliary button like cable box on the remote.


There is a small back panel on the remote it should slide or a little tab needs to be squeezed I.